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Fumie was born on the 31st of December, 1980 in Chiba Japan and started skating when she was just six years old under the guidance of Yuka Sato's father, Nubuo Sato. Yuka won the 1994 World Championships whilst they were in her home town of Chiba. It was also at this event Fumie asked Michelle Kwan to do a triple lutz for her during a training session at Shin-Yokohama skating club. As a result, the lutz was the first triple she had learnt and remains to be one of her most favourite and consistent triples, and her idol - Michelle Kwan.

Fumie started skating in Alaska whilst her father was working as an international pilot and became the first Japanese to win a major title since Yuka Sato when she won the 2001 Four Continents.

She trains at the Shin-Yokohama Prince Club in Kanagawa at 20 hours a week a year with Lori Nichol as her choreographer who she has been with since 1996. Like most people her age, Fumie enjoys shopping and is a university student.

Her career highlights include a bronze medal at the 1998 NHK Trophy, 2000 Skate Canada, two national titles, a 7th place at the 2001 World Championships , a gold medal at the 2001 Four Continents, a 5th place finish at the Winter Olympics and a bronze medal at the 2002 World Championships.


Date of Birth : December 1st, 1980
Place of Birth / Home Town : Chiba, Japan
Height : 157cm
Started skating : At 6, 1986
Trains : 20 hours / week
Training Centre : Shin-Yokohama Prince Club, Kanagawa
Choreographer : Lori Nichol
Current Coach : Nubuo Sato
Former Coaches : Nobuko Fukui, Shinji Someya
Profession : University Student
Hobbies : Shopping
Superstition : Always has a cross on her costume for good luck.


Fumie Suguri
c/o Skating Federation
Kishi Kinen Taiikukan 1-1-1
Jinnan Shibuyah Ku
Tokyo 150-8050

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