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Welcome fans and fellow admirers of Japanese ladies skater, Fumie Suguri to Fumie Suguri Online, my fan page to one of the most elegant and athletic skaters the sport has ever seen.

I first took notice of Fumie when a friend from North America sent a tape over of the 1999 Japan Open. Sure, it was nothing superb but there were some shades of Fumie's skating that was captivating - her simple look, gorgeous and unique layback spin, and the way she just flew and floated across the ice.

That didn't prepare me for what I was going to see at the 2000 Skate Canada Grand Prix event where we saw a new Fumie - one that was artistically aware and was able to connect with her audience. Her short program to 'Rustle of Spring' was a subliminal performance and really was the benchmark performance that made the world sit up and take notice - floating, soaring and flying, her jumps were light and effortless and she had the most spectacular deathdrop I had ever seen in ladies' figure skating. Her free program, despite one fall on her final jump was another amazing experience that made me just rewatch the performance for days on end.. and still today it is a pleasure to see.

Since her 'transformation' in 2000, Fumie has captured the hearts of skating fans with her appealing, elegant and sophisticated programs choreographed by Lori Nichol which has propelled her to a very creditable 5th place finish at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City and a bronze medal at the 2002 world championships in front of her home crowd.

Fumie plans to continue skating in the eligible ranks which means for us fans, another chance to see the amazing Fumie Suguri skate and weave her magic.

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