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[x] Highlights from 2001 Worlds Short Program with triple lutz-double toe, triple flip, layback spin and her joyous ending pose. UK Eurosport

[x] The final minute of Fumie's short program from 2001 Worlds with footwork, double axel, spiral sequence, deathdrop and her emotions at the end. UK Eurosport

[x] The final minute of Fumie's short program from the 1999 Japan Open with double axel, circular footwork and combination spin. (black & white) CTV

[x] The first part of Fumie's free program from the 1999 NHK Trophy with her attempt at the triple lutz-triple toe combination, a solid triple flip, double axel, triple toe and flying camel spin. (black & white) ABC

[x] First half of her short program from the 1995/1995 World Junior Championships with Fumie nailing a triple lutz-double toe, 'tano double flip and wonderful spirals to boot. Sports Australia


[x] Air (Bach)
[x] Frozen (Madonna)
[x] Tocatta & Fugue (Bach)
[x] Storm (Vanessa-Mae)
[x] Ave Maria (Charlotte Church)
[x] Jupiter (Holst)
[x] Don't Cry For Me Argentina (Madonna)

[x] Profundis (Liszt)
[x] Wanderer (Liszt)
[x] Violin Concerto (Tchaikovsky)
[x] Blue Rondo A La Turk (Brubeck)
[x] Suite for Cello (Bach)
[x] Moonlight Sonata (Beethoven)
[x] Ave Maria (Schubert)
[x] Do you know where you are going to? (Mariah Carey)

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