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Triple-triple combination :
I will talk with my coach and decide tomorrow - 2002 Worlds Short

Home Crowd :
I am really happy to skate well in front of the Japanese audience. I was a little bit nervous, but I tried to focus on my performance - 2002 Worlds Short

Worlds Short :
I'm really surprised to be second after the short program. Some skaters are missing here, so I was kind of lucky - 2002 Worlds Short

Tracy Wilson
on Fumie :
Fumie floats across the ice.. very good run to her blade. Pure technique.. she's a delicate performer but she's got that strength when she needs it for the difficult triples - 2002 Worlds Qualifying

Olympic Free Skate : 
I knew that if I could go out and skate like I always do then everything would by okay. Previously I have had some accidents. But this time I guess God was watching me - 2002 Winter Olympics Free

Standing Ovation :
There was a lot of applause but I was a little disappointed that I did not get a standing ovation. In the future I just need to try harder - 2002 Winter Olympics Free

Olympic Short : 
There's nothing I can do about it. God must have wanted it this way - 2002 Winter Olympics Short


Simon Reed
on Fumie :
Wow! What a finish, and at last we have something - 2001 Worlds Free

Olympic rink :
I'm really happy to skate in Utah and I think it's a great experience for the Olympics - 2001 Four Continents

Olympic rink :
The audience was a little higher than at other arenas. For us, it was a little harder to put our hearts out to the audience - 2001 Four Continents

The American Crowd :
The Americans are really warm for skaters and I was really excited to skate out there - 2001 Four Continents

Being nervous :
I wasn't as nervous as yesterday - 2000 Skate Canada Free

The stress fracture on both feet :
I decided to postpone the surgery until after the Olympics


Debbi Wilkes
on Fumie :
Still looking for a little strength but the technical elements are all there. An interesting story here, in 94, when Michelle Kwan was competing a the World Championships in Japan, she was skating when Fumie was watching in practice and Fumie said to her, 'Will you please do me a triple lutz?'. Fumie could not do a triple jump at this point in her career. As a result of that encounter the triple lutz, right here - was the very first triple she ever learned - 1999 Japan Open Technical

Leading the Skate Canada competition :
Really, I can't believe it because this is a very big competition for me. I was just thinking I will do like in practice - 1998 Skate Canada Short

Goals :
I have to win Japanese nationals, because only one Japanese girl can go to worlds. I really want to go because two years ago (I was there) and I missed going to worlds last year - 1998 Skate Canada Short

Training :
I've been practicing so hard this year so I believed in myself - 1998 NHK Trophy Free

Goals :
To win the Nationals and make the World team - 1998 NHK Trophy Free


Danielle Carr on Fumie :
She doesn't usually fall or miss an element at all. It's just her artistic ability that needs to mature a little bit - 1996 Junior Worlds Free

Danielle Carr
on her deathdrop :
Jumps high into the deathdrop there into the back sit. That has got enormous height for a girl. - 1996 Junior Worlds Short


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