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All photos on left menu Barry Mittan unless noted otherwise.

* Photo in 'Fumie Suguri' Assocated Press.


This website was created and is maintained by vespertine. Thank you for visiting and your support of Fumie's skating. 

This site is not very news oriented.. sorry ^_^ - I'm just really bad at updating stuff so it's a good decision if it's just a source of reference. Besides, the Fumie Suguri Forum and her Official Website are absolutely fantastic and essential sources of information.

Screenies of the first version of this website which was up October 2001, which was entitled 'Fly on angel wings; Fumie Suguri'

If you have any suggestions, criticisms, contributions or any feedback in whatever form, please feel free to contact me. Please remember I am not Fumie and do not know her personally so please do not expect me to pass on your messages to her. Her fan mail address is :

Fumie Suguri
c/o Skating Federation
Kishi Kinen Taiikukan 1-1-1
Jinnan Shibuyah Ku
Tokyo 150-8050

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